Wondrous Closet of Costumery Assistance

Steampunk is an art form embraced by tinkerers, dabblers, cos-players, and DIY-ers who love finding, creating and embellishing their own one-of-a-kind costumes.

But of course, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Whether you purchase a couple items on the internet, dig through what you have and add or embellish some accessories, or build an entire costume from scratch, there is plenty of inspiration to be found on the wondrous world wide web.


The Magic Formulas:

The magic formula for men (and any women who want to use it) who want a simple way to dress for this wedding:

Find a nice pair of trousers (or a skirt), then add a button-up shirt and two or more of the following: bow-tie,  cravat, vest (waistcoat), suspenders, bowler hat, top hat, cane, goggles.

The magic formula for women (and any men who want to use it) who want a simple way to dress for this wedding:

Find a neutral-colored dress with old-fashioned details, or a simple neutral-colored skirt and a blouse with Victorian (or Old Western, or pirate) styling and add two or more of the following: corset, bustle, harness, knee-high boots, fascinator, top hat, bowler hat, vest (waistcoat), parasol, goggles.







Places to Purchase:




Excellent DIY Advice:







Etsy (best source for searching and purchasing accessories):



Happy Costuming!


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