Oft Solicited Inquiries

What makes this particular Extravaganza so Spectacular?

Kevin and Jessica are getting married! That should be reason enough. But if you need more spectacularity look no further than your gracious and interesting company! Also, mountains and boats. Also, pie. And did we mention that this is a Steampunk wedding?

What is the plan? What can I expect?

The bride and groom will arrive at Windy Point Group Campground (on Lake Dillon) on Friday, the 13th of June, 2014 in the afternoon. All friends are welcome to come join us that evening for games and preparation (think hard labor).

We do politely suggest that those coming to camp on Friday, or staying and camping on Saturday evening, bring the necessary food and equipment for camping … though some snacks and drinks will be provided throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday evening, the 14th of June, at 5:00pm, there will be a short ceremony followed by a long reception. Feel free to show up anytime on Saturday and enjoy the many splendid sites and excursions that Summit County has to offer. Check out our details page for more to ponder.

What is this about “costumes”? Do I need to dress up? What should I wear?

We would just love it if you wanted to come in Steampunk or Victorian attire. If you feel so inclined, do check out some ideas and inspiration over here in our Wondrous Closet. But don’t feel obliged to dress up – we will provide some proppery (think top hats, ray guns, and goggles!) if you want to don something at the fete, and if you would prefer to show up in jeans and a t-shirt we will still be thrilled to have you there.

LADIES (and gents who like heels): do keep in mind that this is a campground and your stilettos, no matter how gorgeous, may be a sprained ankle in waiting.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is...

What sort of gift should I bring?

We are making a sincere effort to have less things in our life rather than more, and so respectfully request that you refrain from bringing gifts. Your presence is gift enough, and we can’t wait to share our Spectacular Extravaganza with you.

We do, also, have exciting registry alternatives you are welcome to participate in – visit the Bestowal Registry page for more information.

May I bring friends, dates, or suspicious-looking hitchhikers I see on the side of the road? What about my kids, my dog, or my dinosaur?

Oh yes! You definitely may, though we would be eternally grateful if you would account for these extra guests when you RSVP. The Ranger District does have a 6-foot leash rule for dogs, but we don’t think this applies to dinosaurs, children, or your date.

Campground, eh? What sort of facilities are we talking about, here?

We have beach access, and so any and all boats can (and should) be brought along (as well as fishing gear – just now swimming).

Bathrooms (clean and spacious ones!) are on premises.

A water pump is available, and fresh water will be provided, but don’t hesitate to bring along some water just in case it is dry and hot and we find ourselves short on fresh water.

There are no electrical outlets, but we will have a generator in case you MUST plug in your handheld communication device or PERISH.

Will there be a bar?

No. There will be a saloon. 🙂

Beer and wine will be provided, though we strongly suggest you camp with us or stay at the nearby Ptarmigan Lodge if you plan to indulge.

I’m vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/fruitarian/allergic to peanuts/allergic to wedding cake/a hater-of-certain-foods …. will there be something for me to eat?

There will be options for vegetarians, vegans, and those avoiding gluten on our catered BBQ buffet – but if you have any other particular allergies or dietary concerns, please feel free to mention something to the bride and she will do her best to make sure your tastes are accommodated. She’s a bit picky about what she eats, too, so she won’t be judging.

What if it rains?

There will be shelter, but do consider bringing a rain jacket or umbrella if the sky looks stormy since our shelter is limited by a lack of…well…walls.

What is there to do nearby?

The Summit County Area is rife with activities! Boats can be rented at the Dillon Marina or the Frisco Bay Marina. There are numerous hiking trails, biking trails, and ATV trails within a short walk or drive from the campground. Fishing is allowed on Lake DIllon, and all of the nearby towns have many options for dining, shopping, and general walking about.

Many of these fantastic activities can be enjoyed right inside the campground – including fishing, canoeing, and hiking – but be warned that all those who choose to spend any time at the campground on Friday, Sunday, or the morning of Saturday may be fed snacks and drinks in exchange for some form of labor/assistance with set-up/clean-up.

So come on up, stay the weekend, and enjoy yourself!

Is this marriage really going to last?

A marriage sealed in steam and brass is a marriage built to last!

Are you serious?


Where is the nearest dirigible docking?

Airship pad number 375, Windy Point.


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