The Spectacular Extravaganza

Who:  Jessica, Kevin, a gaggle of good folk, and you

Where: Windy Point Group Campground, Dillon, Colorado

When: Saturday, June 14th, 2014.  The ceremony will begin at 5:00 pm, but feel free to join us any time after 2:00 pm on Friday, the 13th (auspicious, no?). Just be forewarned that those who arrive early may be press-ganged into preparatory labor.

What: Why, a Spectacular Extravaganza, of course! There will be a short ceremony, a large dinner, dancing, music, games and a heaping helping of matrimony.

Dogs are welcome (on a 6-foot leash … Ranger’s rules), as are children, pet parrots (also on a leash, please), droids, train conductors, pirates, friends, carrier pigeons, astronauts, sailors and fools.

If you’d like to dress up in period dress or general Steampunkery, we think that’d be great … follow this link for assistance. If you don’t want to dress up, we don’t mind at all … come in whatever makes you comfortable.

If you have some fun, we kindly request that you bring it.

Why: As semi-professional attendees of weddings, we believe that ceremonies should be interesting, meaningful and very, very short. We believe that receptions should be fun, surprising, and never, ever boring. But most of all, we strongly hold to the conviction that weddings should bring wonderful people together to increase the world’s supply of merriment and love.


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